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Get carried away through the air of the Ebro river and discover the hidden jewel called Zaragoza…

Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians left their trace in this bi-millennial city that invites you to get lost in its beautiful streets and enjoy the welcoming and charming people.

The capital of Aragón offers you a journey through its history and culture, from ancient Rome to Aragonese Mudéjar art (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), from the Renaissance to the Zaragoza of the Siege. Moreover, Zaragoza offers a lot of festivals: Asalto, Trayectos, Slap!, Jazz, Lagatavajunto, circus, markets, street markets, activities, workshops, exhibitions and much more.

The city is a crossroads of cultures and flavors. Traditional and innovative, its gastronomy is a reflection of itself and its people.Captura de pantalla 2018-07-05 a las 10.23.25

Another way to discover our city is strolling along the Ebro river banks, walking through the José Antonio Labordeta Park or the Water Park, a new concept of urban park combining green space, services and activities for all public.

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Zaragoza is genuine, hospitable and full of traditions. The Historical Centre of Zaragoza is one of the largest in Spain and invites the visitor to travel in time over more than 2.000 years.

The Pilar Basilica welcomes you and invites you to discover the history of the coming of the Virgin to Zaragoza. Moreover, inside of the Basilica you will appreciate the work of Goya and the wonderful views from the top of the San Francisco de Borja tower.

The outside wall of the Parroquieta de la Seo is a wonderful masterpiece of Aragonese Mudéjar art and inside the temple you’ll get impressed by the perfect combination of styles, from Romanesque to Neoclassical. Besides, the impressive collection of Flemish tapestries of its museum will surprise you.

The Aljafería is the northernmost Muslim palace in Europe, and will make you travel through time and music as in its tower took place the plot of the opera Il Trovatore from Verdi. Captura de pantalla 2018-08-08 a las 14.22.02The mudejar legacy of this building, la Seo’s wall, the San Pablo tower and church were declared World Heritage by UNESCO for its mudejar style, a unique architecture that reflects the influence and tradition of Muslim artists.

Zaragoza is a city of traditions but also avant-garde. The Expo 2008 area will show you wonderful examples of modern architecture.
Captura de pantalla 2018-07-05 a las 10.27.14For instance, Pavilion Bridge designed by the prestigious architect Zaha Hadid, the Water Tower or the River Aquarium, the largest river aquarium in Europe.




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Zaragoza Delicias Intermodal Station is located west of the city and boasts of being one of the largest stations in Spain. It host the local trains station, short and long distance trains and the central bus station

Zaragoza stands at an hour and half from Madrid and less than two hours from Barcelona, which makes it the perfect place for a city break at any time of the year. From Delicias station, you can quickly arrive to the city center by public transport.

Participating in a guided tour or getting lost in the streets of the old town can be a good plan….or you can also enjoy the more than 100kms of bike lanes and explore Zaragoza on wheels!



Zaragoza is one of the few Roman cities that enjoys the privilege of carrying the name of its founder “Cesar Augusto”, its streets hide many jewels as the roman wall and the museums of the Caesaraugusta route: the roman theatre with capacity for 6.000 people, the forum that was the nerve center of the city, the public baths and the river port.

During the 16th century the city had more than 200 hundred palaces and was known as the Spanish Florence. These palaces and other renaissance buildings host nowadays museums or exhibitions. For instance: La Lonja, The Sástago Palace, La casa de los Morlanes, among others.

The wide offer of museums will take you to discover the work of Aragonese sculptors like Pablo Gargallo located in Argillo Palace or Pablo Serrano in the Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Culture and Art. If you want to know more about the work of the aragonese genius Francisco de Goya, several paintings and the complete collection of etchings can be admired in the Goya Museum – Ibercaja Collection, a special space of the Museum of Zaragoza is also dedicated to the artist. Captura de pantalla 2018-07-05 a las 10.18.28Other museums deserve a visit such as the Natural Science Museum of the University of Zaragoza, the Alma Mater Museum and its variety of activities and workshops, the Caixaforum with its big national and international exhibitions all over the year, and other singular museums like the Museum of Fire and Firemen or the EMOZ Origami Museum, the first museum dedicated to the art of paper folding in Europe.

Zaragoza has a vibrant culture, is modern, creative and offers a wealth of experiences to enjoy alone, as a couple, with family or with friends, at any time of the year.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-08 a las 14.26.33Be seduced by its alternative side, runs the city’s mural following the legacy of ASALTO. The International Street Art Festival fills the city with the works of national and international artists since 2005. Mix with the local people in some of its alternative markets in the cultural space Las Armas or you can have a drink in one of the many terraces from where you will have an incredible view of the city.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-08 a las 14.31.08When we talk about gastronomy in Zaragoza, we must mention the quality of the region’s traditional products (good vegetables, excellent suckling lamb, wines with certificate of origin), the wide variety of establishments, the expertise of its professionals … and the culture of tapas.

Did you know that the first contest of tapas of Spain was held in Zaragoza in 1994?

There are special spots to take tapas located throughout the city, the most famous being “El Tubo” district in the historical center, where locals gather for tapas and which is the place to go for anyone visiting the city

Another good plan to taste Zaragoza is an activity known as “Juepincho”, during which every Thursday different bars in the Heroísmo and Magdalena districts offer a tapa and a beverage for a special price.

It’s well-known that eating and drinking in Zaragoza offers an excellent value for money, among the best in Spain.

The city saw the emergence of some of the oldest restaurants in Spain, which exported chefs to the rest of Spain. In the early 20th century, it became an essential stop for a bite to eat, and has continued to evolve, on pace with its residents.

In fact, it has various establishments, which have gained a place of honor in the most prestigious expert guides. Captura de pantalla 2018-07-05 a las 10.20.30

A good plan can be to participate in a gastronomic tour, visit special places as the old factory Zaragozana, where you will discover the origin of Ambar beer, or discover the sweetest part of the city with Chocopass, a voucher that includes partner establishments. You can choose 5 specialties. The sweetest way to enjoy Zaragoza!

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-08 a las 14.33.48Make the most of your walks through the urban area and discover design shops, art galleries, antique shops, fashion firms, gourmet shops to bring back home a sweet memory of the city or enjoy its markets, street markets like antiques, books, numismatic, vegetables and an infinity variety of items around the Armas, San Francisco and San Bruno squares.

Admire Zaragoza from the heights: from the mudéjar tower of San Pablo Church, the tower of the Pilar Basilica or the Zuda Tower you’ll get impressive panoramic views of the city.

Discover the green and natural side of the running, skating, by bike or on foot along the Canal Imperial of Aragon or the Ebro River.  Captura de pantalla 2018-08-08 a las 14.33.32

Cross the stone bridge and from the other side of the Ebro River you will be able to take beautiful pictures of both the bridge and Pilar Basilica, a must-do during your stay!