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As Thales of Mileto said “The happiness of the body is based on health. The one of the understanding in the knowledge “.

hotel-blu-spa-almansaDiscover and know that if you visit Albacete, you will not only find hospitable people in an open, fun and friendly city, with an accessible and close natural environment, a wide range of cultural and museum activities, dynamic, commercial city with excellent restaurants, but also you can enjoy and relax in facilities, both public through the Municipal Sports Institute and private, in specialized centers, spas and hotels, where you can enjoy therapies and treatments that help travelers and tourists relax and achieve a physical and psychological well-being, which will make your visit to Albacete a sensory experience, where you can combine fun, culture, good food and health through natural therapies, water and physical
Both the city and its province have spas, spas, thermal centers, etc.



In Antequera you will find hotels perfectly equipped so that you can break away, relax and enjoy the most appealing treatments:

Hotel Antequera Golf:

Urbanización Santa Catalina, s/n

Telephone: +34 952 70 45 31

Fax: +34 952 84 52 32



Stars: ****

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.12.42The HOTEL ANTEQUERA offers you the most modern and complete commodities: 180 double rooms, 10 suites, outdoor and heated swimming-pool, spa, saunas, football field, bar and restaurant and… indeed, a GOLF COURSE. With more than 6000 meters long, this golf course is a real challenge for professionals and amateurs. Also learners are welcome as we count on the perfect facilities in our practice range and golf academy. As decorative elements, the golf course has several lakes. Rainwater collection has been perfectly calculated with the strategic position of our lakes as it has been the irrigation water recycling system by means of drainages. Thanks to the care given to the surrounding fauna and flora, the Antequera Golf Course has turned into a different, appealing and unforgettable course for golfers.Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.16.10


Hotel Convento La Magdalena:

Urbanización Antequera Golf, s/n Campo de Golf

Telephone: +34 902 54 15 40

Fax: +34 952 84 52 32



Stars: *****

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.17.54The 5 stars Hotel Convento La Magdalena is located in the outskirts of the city of Antequera, in Málaga province, Spain. It is surrounded by olive trees, water mills and by the El Torcal Natural Landscape. As it is right in the centre of Andalucía, all the motorways passed by there what gives the guests the advantage of being able to visit all the other cities and their monuments in an easy and fast way. Although the building is dated from 16th century, it was renovated in 2009 for the hotel opening. There are 21 rooms fully equipped, even with whirlpool bath. Among its facilities you will find different and enchanting restaurants, bars and terraces beside elegant lounges and spaces to hold any kind of meetings and celebrations. The 5 stars Hotel Convento La Magdalena is part of the Grupo Antequera Golf which is formed by the 4 stars Hotel Antequera Golf, the Antequera Golf Course with 18 holes and the 3 stars Hotel Coso Viejo, plus the nursery of the residential area.

The hotel has been awarded with the Q of Tourist Quality and has passed tight measures to guarantee the full guests’ satisfaction.Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.18.05 What’s more, it has been included in several international catalogues of boutique hotels.

– Hotel Finca Eslava:

Ctra. de Córdoba, km. 123

Telephone: +34 952 844 934

Fax: +34 952 845 382



Stars: ****

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.20.35The Finca Eslava hotel is a typical Andalucía country house (cortijo) located in the perfect place for eating, holding business meetings and any other social and family events. Its spacious facilities offer you all the amenities: gardens, patios, swimming-pool, paddle Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.20.24courts, large halls for celebrations….


Hotel Fuente del Sol:

Paraje Rosas Bajas, s/n 29260 La Joya-Antequera

Telephone: +34 670 46 72 10


Website: http://

Stars: ****

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.22.51The Fuente del Sol hotel is an exclusive and cosy rural hotel in Andalusian style as a country estate. It is located in the southern side of El Torcal Natural Landscape, the first protected natural space of Andalucía, in La Joya village, just one step from Málaga and Antequera; thus, the peace and relax of the guests is guaranteed. The enclave, 850 meters high, offers the visitors the most beautiful views of the inland Andalucía. It is a karst landscape with curious rock formations from Jurassic period; that is, more than 150,000,000 years ago what turns it into a unique and extremely beautiful place.

Charming rooms, a complete spa, several halls to hold business meetings and celebrations, besides an excellent restaurant turn this Resort into a great choice for anybody who is looking for peace and quiet in an original way. Captura de pantalla 2018-06-15 a las 11.23.04Easy access by the High Velocity Train (AVE) in the Antequera or Málaga stations; by plane in the Málaga or Granada airports, or by road. Thanks to be placed right in the centre of Andalucía, it is perfect for staying in and visiting cities such as Málaga, Granada, Córdoba, Antequera, Ronda and Seville.

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-18 a las 10.46.16

With one of the largest volumes of mineral-medicinal water in Europe, the city of Ourense, in inland Galicia, is a thermal destination that surprises those who visit it. On the banks of river Minho, which runs across the city, thermal areas such as Outariz, Chavasqueira or Muíño da Veiga are places designed to disconnect from routine, by pampering body and mind in natural outdoors pools or in facilities inspired by the Japanese onsen tradition.Captura de pantalla 2018-06-18 a las 10.48.04

The tradition of thermal baths exists in the city from its origins, which began more than 2,000 ago. In the area of As Burgas, sources of hot mineral-medicinal water in the heart of the Historic Centre, the Romans founded the ancient Aquis Auriensis (the city of water and gold), Captura de pantalla 2018-06-18 a las 10.48.37already famous in antiquity for the properties of its waters, abode of the gods. Nowadays this area, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, allows visitors to see first-hand the long history of thermalism in Ourense: there you can marvel at the temperature of the water flowing from the monumental fountains, explore the archaeological vestiges of balneas and sanctuaries at its interpretation centre and enjoy a bath practically in the same way and in the same place as the Romans did, in an outdoor thermal pool that is unique in Spain.Captura de pantalla 2018-06-18 a las 10.34.34

Along with As Burgas, Ourense’s other great thermal area is undoubtedly the banks of river Minho. Few experiences surprise and enchant the visitor more than enjoying a hot bath in full contact with nature, in the pools of Outariz and Burga de Canedo, Chavasqueira or Captura de pantalla 2018-06-18 a las 10.47.28Muíño da Veiga, all framed by the magnificent riverside forest. This 5-km great thermal park is completed by the thermal spas of Outariz and Chavasqueira, small facilities inspired by the traditional Japanese bath houses in which in addition to bathing circuits there are saunas, massages and beauty and wellness treatments.

Ourense’s waters, rich in minerals, are a source of health and beauty: they pamper the skin, so they are indicated for dermatological ailments, and are Captura de pantalla 2018-06-18 a las 10.46.29also a great way to decontract the muscles, being very useful when treating rheumatism, contractures, etc. A unique resource that provides a wellness experience for the whole family.



One of the most recommendable places in Tarragona to relax and disconnect from your obligations is Hort de la Sínia, an agro-ecological estate dedicated to environmental education, but also to caring for the mind and body. Here you can enjoy aromatic, foot and mud baths, sauna, massages, natural treatments with medicinal plants and aromatherapy. Guided tours through the natural surroundings at the mouth of the River Gaià and the Tamarit natural beach are also organised. desembocadura-castell

A complete, revitalising experience in the middle of nature. Don’t miss it!