Shopping is part of a unique experience in which you will be able to find everything you want from the last trend, the featuring leading brands and prestigious designers.

You will have the opportunity to get the most exclusive products from big commercial centers and areas or little and customized shops. We cannot forget though the handmade sector. A great sort of products is available for you, ceramic, crystal, wood, hide, lace… Have fun with Avexperience while you go shopping.



Albacete, who was born of a trade fair meeting place for farmers, has as one of its main attractions trade for their excellence, variety and quality. Tourists can find both big brands such as small traditional trade, which has adapted to the most modern lines and is organized through “Open Shopping Centers”, coexisting with the four big shopping centers in the city.

ALBACETE-centro-val-general-150x150In Albacete you can find all sectors, but stresses the footwear, textiles and handicrafts, but if something can not stop buying the tourist and the visitor, are razors, knives and all other related products of Albacete Cutlery recognized internationally.


In addition, Albacete has an important annual calendar of trade fairs very dynamic as, “Artisan,” “Commercial”, “Expovicaman”, “Old”, “Ferimotor”, “Knife show” where annually the most representative economic sectors have their meeting points.


Modernity and tradition go hand in hand in Alicante, offering visitors the most modern brands, as well as the typical products of the region with cultural popularity amongst the people of Alicante. All this can be found in luxurious boutiques and shopping centres and in a wide range of small and medium sized shops which offer very traditional Alicante products to customers, like nougat, chocolate, liquors and wines of the region, and quality preserved fish.

There are other sectors of the economy of the province which are also represented in the shops, with products such as toys, shoes, leather garments, rugs, and pottery and esparto grass handicrafts.

Ayuntamiento-de-Alicante.-Autor-Javier-GuijarroThere are several very interesting shopping areas in the centre of city, for example in the streets surrounding the Teatro Principal and Calle San Francisco, the central market and Avenida Alfonso el Sabio, and of course Avenida Maisonnave and its surroundings, which is the main shopping area in Alicante. The Explanada de España offers a great variety of handicraft stalls, known as the “hippies”. There are also painters and caricaturists. All this apart from the modern shopping centres in Alicante.



Barcelona is a city with a lot of attractive offerings, from modernist architecture to green parks, from mountains to beaches, from museums to old buildings. But it is also an attractive city to go shopping, with historical and charming surroundings, with a wide range of shops and products: decoration, antiques, international luxury brands, clothes from independent designers, gourmet products, very original bookshops, wedding dresses, handicrafts, shopping centres where you can find anything you want, centenarian shops, etc.

barcelona-boqueria-saboresThe combination of culture, history and shopping is unique in Barcelona. In Passeig de Gracia, which is the most elegant avenue in the city, there are luxury shops such as Chanel, Prada and Gucci, very close to emblematic Gaudi buildings. You will be able to discover the Gothic Quarter (the oldest area in the city) while visiting the centenarian shops, and if you go shopping for independent designer clothes in El Born Quarter, you will get to know one of the most artistic and bohemian quarters of the city.

Shopping in Barcelona is much more than just buying products. It is an excellent experience to enjoy the charm of the city and the local people.


As well as the tapas routes, the shopping area in the city centre also contains many decoration and craft shops. As a souvenir, there is nothing sweeter than to call in on a pastry shop and try the ‘suela’ cakes and the ‘fruits of Aragon’, small pieces of candied fruit covered in chocolate, maraschino cherries and san roquicos (and almond and caramel sweet with chocolate).


The city of Cordoba is ideal for shopping. It offers a large variety of shopping centres, department stores, boutiques and specialised shops, and it is also known for the long tradition of manufacturing of handicraft products.

The shopping and finance centre of the city is located around the following streets: Cruz Conde, Gondomar, Concepcion, Gran Capitan and Ronda de los Tejares. Anything can be found in the area: clothes, shoes, bags, books, gifts, jewellery, accessories, local products, antiques, etc.

córdobaZOCO-MUNICIPALMany of the streets in this area are pedestrianised, enhancing the shopping experience. There are also several municipal and private car parks, as well as parking areas. The Juderia is the best place to buy handicrafts and souvenirs. Many artisans in the city have their workshops in this quarter. The municipal Zoco is of special interest.

There are also shops specialised on local products with the best olive oils, select wines with designation of origin of Montilla-Moriles or ham and cold meats of Valle de los Pedroches.

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Lleida is the great capital of inland Catalonia.


The main shopping zone is particularly notable for the number of exceptional monuments in the area. There are over 450 shops along a 2.2 km pedestrianised street. The Zona Alta district is an open shopping area with places to have a drink at night, and with day entertainment, top quality restaurants, and specialised shops.

Cappont, Escorxador, Pardinyes, Balafia and Bordeta are other examples of interesting shopping areas in the city.


Besides the daily markets, Lleida has a lot of markets. For example, the Saturday fruit and vegetable market beside Pabellon Barris Nord, and the “l’Hort a Taula” Market which takes place the first Sunday of every month (except in August) offering food and agricultural products from local producers.

lleida-comercio2-(2)Turisme de Lleida has come to an agreement with Innova Tax Free and Travel & Tax, companies dedicated to shopping tourism, offering new services to international tourists visiting the city.



Whether you are looking for good offers or for exclusive shops, Madrid is a shopping paradise. International and Spanish brands, traditional shops, more alternative options, everything has a space in the multiple shops of the city.

madridpuerta-del-sol-1The cutting-edge areas of Chueca and Fuencarral, the luxurious Barrio de Salamanca, the alternative and retro fashion of Malasaña, the art and the traditional trades of Barrio de las Letras, the large shopping centres of Gran Via and Sol-Preciados, the traditional items of Plaza Mayor, the glamour of Las Salesas and, of course, the Rastro (the street market), the most authentic market in Madrid. Any of these areas is good to spend a wonderful shopping day. And do not forget that almost all shops, especially those in the centre, are open seven days a week.



Malaga is a good city to go shopping. You will be able to find every day products (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, gifts) or sublime items (handicrafts, antiques or works of art).

There are shopping centres and department stores, with all types of items and very diverse offerings, which are also leisure centres, ideal for easy parking and having all the shops in just one place. Many other very interesting shops are also very close to these centres.

malaga-comprasBut you can also go shopping in the Historic City Centre. Parking is also easy, because there are public car parks and areas where parking is permitted. You will be able to do your shopping while walking through the historic centre of the city, with many pedestrianised streets, to facilitate a more comfortable walking and shopping experience. It is the largest shopping area of the city, with over 1,000 shops, along with an incomparable number of monuments and museums. Calle Larios is the central street, and it extends right up to the semicircle comprising the Guadalmedina riverside and Carreteria, Alamos and Alcazabilla streets.



shoppingBecause of its condition as a crossroads, Ourense has historically been a land of trade, a tradition that today enjoys an excellent health. Going shopping in the city is still a real pleasure, with a varied offer in comfortable pedestrian streets in which stand out the showcases for fashion, footwear and accessories.

The downtown streets such as Paseo, Santo Domingo and Paz and their surroundings are an authentic open-air shopping mall in whose showcases you will find top Spanish and international firms. The textile industry, both in its design and production stages, occupies an important place in the city’s economic activity, which is also the birthplace of designers such as Roberto Verino, Adolfo Domínguez and Purificación García.

The passion for fashion has also given rise to a new generation of young designers with small boutiques in the city, with daring and innovative proposals.

Beyond fashion, in the city are also interesting workshops of crafts, mainly located in the Historic Centre. Other neighborhoods also have a dynamic commercial fabric, with open-air shopping mall such as O Couto or A Ponte.

As for gastronomy, in Ourense there are many delicatessen and wine shops, with products of first quality. The centenary Central Market, in the downtown area, is still the reference for fresh products: there you will find the famous local meat pies, bread from Cea, creamy Galician cheeses and vegetables cultivated in local private orchards.

puertollano jarrillo agua agria turismo compras

Take away our best cuisine after having tasted it at any of our tapas bars and restaurants where you can try our unmistakable local dishes. Give in to the temptation of the typical bakeries and sweet shops, being guided through the cultural, gastronomic and commercial route.

Furthermore, the city is dotted with a wide variety of shops selling top brands and other small traditional shops are available as well. You cannot go without visiting our renowned flea market on Saturday mornings, a space with a lot of stands, close to this street market you can find a shopping mall you can also drop you by during your stay. we have a huge range of commerces to buy souvenirs such as our pot of Santo Voto, used in the well-known festivity of regional tourism interests or the jarrillos which, made of tin, were used to drink our famous Agua Agria (sour water), known for its Medicinal properties since the sixteenth century.

puertollano calle aduana turismo comprasAnd of course… you cannot leave our city without going through our Mercado de Abastos, where you can purchase our popular mantecados (shortbread cookies), mostillo (a type of grape desert), olive oil, cheeses… as well as fresh cut vegetables picked from the ecological gardens. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Captura de pantalla 2018-06-25 a las 13.56.38Seville has good prices, as a Spanish destination, very good tax-free conditions and full collections of Spanish and European brands. You will also find international luxury brands and haute couture from Seville.

The city also offers its millenary culture. Unique centenarian handicraft products: pottery, Manila shawls, flamenco fashion, guitars, antiques and religious handicrafts; as well as excellent local gastronomy products: oils, convent cakes, wines, etc.
sevilla-cabeceraThe shops of the city are in the historic centre of the city and in the quarters most frequented by tourists. You will be able to do your shopping while enjoying the artistic heritage and the way of understanding life in the streets of the people from Seville.




Valladolid is in fashion. Coming to the city for shopping is combining the tourist attractiveness of Valladolid with the experience of discovering incredible shops offering tailor made original designs.

Many ateliers and designers create all kinds of clothes and unique accessories.

valladolid-AEREAThere are very appealing shopping areas all over the city, mainly in the historic centre and traditional and new shops located in the busiest areas. All types of shops where you can find everything you are looking for or need. Shopping in Valladolid is having a good time while enjoying all the charms offered by an old and modern city, with a great history and excellent services, where you will find everything and where nothing is missing.




Villena is a slow shopping city, an excellent way of getting to know the city and the population.

Enjoy walking around the commercial area of around 2 km, where the modern shops are mixed with traditional and established places.

You can buy the best children’s shoes in Villena, because the city is amongst the largest producers in Spain, providing shoes for the Spanish Royal Family.

campanario-iglesia-VillenaYou can also discover the artisan workshops where you will be able to buy or rent costumes and accessories for the Moors and Christians celebrations.

And you must not leave the city without buying the typical products from artisan professionals, such as “pasticas” (pastries), for example sequillos, wine rollicos, almedrados and toñas; as well as cold meats; and of course liquors such as Kataki and Cantueso.

Get the best products at competitive prices and with the best service, while you discover what the city of Villena has to offer.



Zamora has always been a lively market and the centre of provincial exchanges. Today, the city enjoys a diverse and abundant commercial life strewn throughout the city as more modern establishments coexist with some old favourites. In the old town, we can find a fair number of shops which specialize in local products and provide not only the perfect showcase for Zamora’s traditional delicacies, but also supply maps, souvenirs and even local pottery or a gorgeous Zamoran blanket which can be acquired here. Captura de pantalla 2017-05-03 a las 13.57.35

From the Main Square to the modern area of the city, we experience the most common commercial area of Zamora. The centricity of its location makes it unavoidable for both visitors and locals: Santa Clara, San Torcuato and adjoining streets. These pedestrian streets combine a variety of traditional shops with more modern national and international retail chains.

Finally, in the newer neighbourhood of Zamora, the area hedged in by the Marina Park and Principe de Asturias Street, Tres Cruces Avenue and Cardenal Cisneros contains many boutiques and other interesting or practical shops.

The Farmer’s Market in the centre of town merits special attention. Locals and foreigners admire the beautiful building which provides the setting where the best fresh local produce, fish and meat are the protagonists.


Zaragoza is an ideal city to go shopping. Walking and seeing the small shops with years of history can be done in an easy and comfortable manner. There are specialised shops, shopping centres, other large areas all over the city, a large number of places offering antiques, exquisite food products, brand name or second hand clothes, artisan or artistic objects, etc.

There are several commercial areas. The opening of artisan, artists and creator shops have revitalised some of the areas in the historic centre, transforming the urban environment into a dynamic and alternative landscape, without leaving aside the most traditional shops.

Clothes and antique vintage markets take place in streets, squares or cafes during the weekend, a pleasant surprise for everyone.

There are also numerous shopping centres in Zaragoza, with a wide leisure offer, and perfect to spend a whole day shopping and enjoying the activities.