If you are going to travel with your family, Avexperience offers several destinations specialized with adapted services.

With a good offer in leisure, adventure and fascinating games, kids will enjoy the trip while their parents can also take plaisure of the wide abundance of activities. Guided tours, amusement parks, prepared activities with professionals, didactic workshops, etc. Everything organized in a great program prepared for all ages.



Albacete is a city of medium size with a flat topography and a high degree of accessibility, which invites you to stroll comfortably through the streets and squares, visiting its heritage, its museums and its beautiful parks and green areas with large areas for children.


The urban and suburban routes and nature trails, a wide range of multi-adventure activities and animation, cultural pedestrian routes (red line of monuments, red green of sculptures, and orange line museums), the great and numerous facilities and areas sports that will delight children and adults, excellent cultural program for all ages, interesting and unique museums with specific activities and workshops for young audiences, the rich and varied cuisine, make Albacete an ideal destination for this type of tourism, where children and adults will feel comfortable and safe with fun and entertainment guaranteed.


Alicante is the ideal destination to visit as a family. With a very mild climate all year round, the city can be enjoyed in all seasons. It has many modern hotels and tourist apartments adapted to very demanding tastes.

The beaches of Postiguet and San Juan, the promenade of the Explanada and the marina or the parks are very attractive options which will make children of all ages very happy. Most of the parks have a programme of free shows for families and children.

cabecera-alicanteSanta Barbara Castle offers many possibilities, and the boat trip to the island of Tabarca is a fabulous option to spend an unforgettable family day. Other extraordinary alternatives are the Volvo Ocean Race Museum, the archaeological museum of Alicante (MARQ), or the museum dedicated to the festival of the Bonfires of San Juan or the Crèches Museum, which are attractive options for children. Festititeres (Puppet Festival) is very popular in the city and is one of the cultural festivals for children.

The Principal and Arniches Theatres and the ADDA auditorium, located near the Bullring, offer an excellent programme all year round.



In the town of Antequera you will find many emblematic places to visit and go for a walk with the family: from the wide and cozy parks and gardens to the known

Nacimiento de la Villa (source of the Villa River), a complex in the middle of nature which is located 5 km away from the town and where you will enjoy an unforgettable day. It is located just in the foothill of the El Torcal Natural Landscape of Antequera: an impressive place to visit with your loved ones and enjoy hiking through any of its programmed trails while contemplating the amazing views and karst formations.

peñaenamorados-AntequeraThanks to the wide offer in leisure and restoration of our town, you can turn a day with the family into a wonderful experience while admiring the rich and large historical heritage treasured by the town, such as churches, museums, convents, etc. Both the Museum of the Town and the Monumental Enclosure of the Citadel organize activities for the little ones. Antequera is, without doubt, the perfect destination to enjoy an unforgettable family day.


Barcelona en familia

Barcelona is a city to enjoy with the whole family and has many interesting attractions for children. For example, the Barcelona Zoo, with a large variety of animal species and areas, such as the exclusive area for gorillas, or the Aquarium, the most important in the world related to the Mediterranean. The CosmoCaixa Science Museum is a favourite for children because of the flooded forest, which recreates the Amazon forest with typical plants and animals, the planetarium and the Sala de la Materia (Matter Room), with experiments about the evolution of matter. Another place in the city very popular amongst families is the Maritime Museum, with models and reproductions of boats, and workshops for children aged between 3 and 12.

Playa BarcelonaAnd, of course, there are also parks and beaches, where parents can relax while children build castles in the sand. Nova Icaria is considered as one of the quietest in the city, very popular amongst families, and Mar Bella has a play area for children.


Calatayud, located on the crossroads between the two plains of Spain, is an enclave where visitors can breathe in the history and enjoy an active life at the same time. Celts, Romans, Arabs and Christians have left their mark on this city full of small squares and large gardens that, with its historic buildings, make it a must-see visit in Aragon. The city walls, 2,250 metres of fortifications, have borne witness to the passing of time for eleven centuries, bringing special charm to Calatayud even today.

From 22nd to 25th June, Calatayud becomes a mediaeval city once more to commemorate the conquest of the Mozarabs by Alfonso I “The Battler”. The celebration is known as the Alfonsadas, and coincides with the feast day of the patron saint, Saint Íñigo. On 15 and 16 August, on Saint Roque’s Day, the fiesta of the Peñas Recreativas is held. Declared of tourist interest in Aragon, there are charanga bands, vaquillas (young bulls), bull-running and the night-time pilgrimage to the hermitage of the saint.

In early September, the celebrations to honour the patron, the Virgin of La Peña, are held, with concerts, exhibitions, bullfights and the magnificent procession of the Crystal Rosary, the oldest in Aragon.


Cordoba is an ideal city for Family Tourism. There are different places which have been especially created for children, where they can play and also have the opportunity of living new experiences while being in contact with the environment.

The Ciudad de l@s Niñ@s (City of Children) is the largest play area for children in the city, with green areas and children game units in one large space. Cordoba has a zoo, to get to know, respect and love nature in general, and animals in particular.

cordoba-ALCAZAR-(2)On the other hand, the Royal Botanic Garden of Cordoba offers information about the different flora existing throughout history, as well as programmes and activities specifically created to enjoy with children.

If you go to this website,, you will find a wide range of activities and routes available for everyone, in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.

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Just as you enter the old part of the city of Cuenca, children will find a reason to let their imagination go and enjoy the place. The picturesque images, the hanging houses and the air of fantasy in every corner gets hold of adults because of the beauty, and also of children because of the unexpected sensations that they feel.

Children love to run around the narrow little streets of the old part of the city, and see the houses of different and bright colours in Calle Alfonso VIII. They also like crossing Puente San Pablo over Hoz del Rio Huecar and being amazed by the views from the bridge.

cuenca-rioBut Cuenca is much more than this for children. Cuenca offers an endless number of entertaining activities. For example, the Science Museum, located in an old convent with a fascinating area to get to know everything about the solar system and planets. Apart from the Planetarium, from where the starry sky can be watched, as if travelling the Universe, the Museum also has an impressive telescope to look for all zodiac signs, and also a time machine. Children (and also adults) will be able to enjoy being inside a spacecraft or travelling in space.

The Palaeontology Museum of Castilla La Mancha has over 200 fossils from many animals and plants of different sizes, even from big dinosaurs which inhabited the earth 70 million years ago!!!


A las familias les gusta Lleida


Turisme de Lleida has started several actions aimed to position the city as a Family Tourism destination.

The “Lleida en familia” project explains in detail the whole cultural, sport and nature options in Lleida to discover the city as a family.

Discover Lleida with your family, an ideal tourist destination where you will be able to combine culture with being in contact with nature and, depending on the dates, enjoy the traditional and popular festivities with your family.

lleida-familiaThe city of Lleida offers a wide range of places, activities and attractive tourist resources which are adapted to the needs of families.

Some of the options in Lleida for the whole family are: Seu Vella and the family activities to bring heritage closer to visitors, the Lleida Museum to learn and enjoy art, the Casa de los Gigantes (House of Giants) with a collection of elements of popular culture of the city (giants, big-heads, etc.), the Roda Roda automotive museum, the l’Escorxador theatre which holds theatre plays, dance, and circus shows, etc.

Lleida offers tourism options and adequate infrastructures meeting the needs of families.



Madrid is an ideal destination to travel with children. Many hotels have family rooms and there are many leisure options for children, whatever the weather. Going for a walk in El Retiro or Madrid Rio, or going to the water parks are very appealing options in spring or summer. While in the autumn or in winter, you can visit some of the museums, such as the Wax Museum, the Ratoncito Perez House Museum, the Natural Science National Museum or the Museo del Ferrocarril (Railway Museum).

madrid-Turismo-familiar1The more adventurous visitors will have a great time in the Amusement Park or in the Teleferico (Cable Car) any time of the year. Animal lovers can go to the Zoo Aquarium and see the famous pandas, or go to Faunia.

Last, but not least, football lovers can visit the football stadiums of Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid, with guided tours to discover all the secrets of the two most popular football clubs in the city.




Malaga is an ideal place for families, with a large diversity of activities for everyone, children and adults. Leisure activities, culture, entertainment, cinema, museums, theatres, celebrations, beaches, nature, shopping, restaurants, fairs and festivals, to name but a few.

The options of activities for children in museums and theatres stand out, where children will be able to learn while having fun in a city with a good climate and modern hotels.

malaga-familiaThe gastronomy is part of the charm of the great attractiveness of Malaga, as it includes a wide range of dishes as well as the typical ones in this area for the whole family.



Captura de pantalla 2018-06-21 a las 13.39.49Comfortable, accessible and safe, Ourense is a perfect city to enjoy a holiday with children. The banks of river Minho form a large riverside park ideal for walking or cycling, but also for enjoying a hot outdoor bath in the thermal areas of A Chavasqueira and Outariz. In River Minho Nature Hall, panels and models explain the secrets of this delicate ecosystem, home to numerous species of birds and other small animals.

Along with the river banks, the city has many green areas and parks perfect to enjoy the contact with nature. Montealegre is a large forest park with several hectares to explore, discovering the Mediterranean species but also more exotic ones, as it also has a botanical garden. Climb up to its viewpoint to take a family photo and take part in some of the many activities programmed here: guided tours, environmental workshops and even theatre. Parks such as Minho, Barbana or St Lazarus are also attractive, with large playground areas. At Posio Garden, children will also have the opportunity to walk among peacocks.

On Sundays, a good plan is to go to Carrileiros de Foula’s Railway Park, a 500-m railway circuit with model trains that you can ride, going through tunnels, level crossings, stations … And following this fun trip along the city’s railway tradition, nothing better than visiting the Fernández Pacheco Train Collection, at the Marcos Valcárcel Cultural Centre: a curious museum with more than 4,000 miniatures of model trains that will astonish you.

puertollano Museo de la minería turismo familiar

Discover with your children the daily adventures and misadventures of the lives of miners. Put yourself for a moment in the skin of his brave drillers and artillery, their tireless drainers and biting, or his constant wagon drivers, via a guided tour chronologically through the various stages of this industrial city and its rich mining heritage. You have the opportunity to enjoy this very significant part of our history, visiting the Mining Museum.

Use your imagination and travel back in time to accompany Don Quixote in his fight against giants to save his beautiful Dulcinea, and so you can have an unforgettable experience with your family at the Ethnological Museum.

puertollano paseo san gregorio turismo familiarAnd if you are particularly interesting at sports and being in touch with nature, we offer you the Dehesa Boyal facilities, where you can recreate in their hiking trails participating with active tourism companies in the area, in activities such as visits to volcanoes, observe carnivorous plants and the iconic wildlife of the Alcudia Valley and Sierra Madrona.



Segovia has received the Sello de Turismo Familiar (Family Tourism Label) of the Spanish Federation of Large Families. This label supports the work carried out by the Municipal Company of Tourism and the activity offerings and facilities designed with the families in mind.


Segovia-FamiliarThere are dynamic guided tours, workshops for children and adults, gymkhanas, games, canoeing, puppet shows, falconry exhibitions and many more surprises for the more adventurous families.

Discover what the city of Segovia can offer you to enjoy with your children at



If you are visiting Seville with kids, you will discover a destination that is specially prepared to be enjoyed with the family, where kids will end up exhausted from so much cultural and playful activity.

Captura de pantalla 2018-06-25 a las 14.15.19There are endless places to visit and activities to do. We can enjoy a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, descend our historic Guadalquivir River with the kayak, have a great time at the rides of “Isla Mágica“, immerse ourselves in a world of pirates in the “Pabellón de la Navegación“, find delight in watching an entertaining children’s theatre play … These are some of the many attractions that Seville offers to visiting families with children. No matter how much time you spend in Seville, there is always something to do.

Isla Mágica and Aqua Mágica: Live an incredible experience at Isla Mágica, Seville´s theme park. Set in the sixteenth century and with seven thematic areas: Seville, Puerto de Indias, Puerta de América, La Guarida de los Piratas, Amazonia, La Fuente de la Juventud, El Dorado and Agua Mágica. Come and you will be surprised at the incredible attractions of the latest generation, great audiovisuals, fascinating shows, fun parades and entertaining games, as well as numerous shops and restaurants to suit everyone.

Aquarium: The Aquarium of Seville exhibits about 7,000 specimens of some 400 different aquatic species distributed into 36 exhibition tanks. The space is divided into five thematic areas (Guadalquivir River, Atlantic, Amazonian, Pacific and Indo-Pacific) recreating Ferdinand Magellan’s 1519 journey around the world. One should point out that it contains the deepest shark tank in the Iberian Peninsula, 9-metres deep and with two million litres of water which serve as the dwelling for two of the largest animals in the aquarium, two bull shark specimens, as well as other representative species of the Atlantic Ocean. Captura de pantalla 2018-06-25 a las 14.34.48

Casa de la Ciencia: The Casa de la Ciencia Museum is an open area for scientific dissemination, educational leisure and culture. It has permanent exhibitions addressing some of the universal themes of science, such as the great species that inhabit our seas, or the long process of geological transformations undergone by the planet, especially the province of Seville. It also has a Planetarium for bringing the fantastic world of celestial bodies to audiences of all ages. There are temporary exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and guided tours that seek to bring science closer to society in a fun and entertaining way.

Pabellón de la Navegación: Built for the 1992 Universal Exposition, it has a modern interactive area in its interior, aimed at young people, where they can hear, see, touch and interact with elements of the world of navigation. And on the outside, one can find a lookout tower, the Schindler Tower, to enjoy the views of the Guadalquivir River.

Aquopolis: Cool off in Aquopolis, the water park, with attractions for all tastes and ages, and all kinds of services so as to spend an unforgettable day of fun.

Museo de Bellas Artes: The Fine Arts Museum organizes a program especially aimed at families, so that boys and girls participate together with adults in activities thanks to which one can get to know the works exhibited.

In addition, Seville has a considerable extension of parks in which one can enjoy bike rides, as well as numerous playgrounds for kids.sevilla-cabecera


10 essential places to visit in Tarragona


An amazing city where you can discover a millenary civilisation. Having dinner under the vaults of the Roman circus, getting lost in the narrow streets of the old part of the city, where the essence of the medieval city is intact, or having a vermouth in a place with over 2,000 years of history. This is the authentic World Heritage of Tarragona! A historical heritage of extraordinary monuments, of places which are capable of taking us to Roman, medieval, modern and modernist times; but also a heritage of people, of human stories, of little moments, of emotions…

Tarragona, a Mediterranean essence!”

tarragona-familiaThe Cathedral, the model of Roman Tarraco, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Roman Praetorium tower and the circus, the Mediterranean balcony, the squares (La Font, El Forum and El Rey), the El Serrallo maritime quarter, the beaches of Tarragona, the Rambla Nova and the Market are the 10 essential places in Tarragona not be missed.

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Do you want to have a great time in Toledo?


You must not miss any of the extra entertaining activities that the city of Toledo has prepared for you. You will be able to enjoy children and family shows, sing, laugh and dream with the storytellers. Don’t miss anything!

While walking in the old part of Toledo, you will find monuments that will take you to ancient times and you will imagine fantastic stories, a brave knight, a beautiful princess, a Jewish merchant, a maid in trouble… and you, what are you?



From the African Savannah to the Arctic, via the Turia Gardens

The River Turia used to cross the city but, after it was diverted, it left an immense garden that connects the two main local tourist attractions, Bioparc Valencia and the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences). And so, the city now has a marvellous park, over eight kilometres long, the Turia Gardens, for you to enjoy by bicycle, on foot or for sport.

valencia-natural2A green lung that begins at the Cabecera Park, amid museums and monuments on either side of the route, crossed by bridges in different styles and from different times.




Young and old alike will find fun activities to enjoy together in Valladolid. The Science Museum, the River House and the Christopher Columbus Museum are just some good examples, but there are even more. All year long, the Tourism Office organises different tours for children through iconic areas of the city, such as the romantic Campo Grande park, and activities for families such as visits guided by characters such as Count Ansúrez at City Hall or Dr Rufus at Patio Herreriano, as well as tours on the lively Tourist Bus.

House museums such as the former homes of José Zorrilla, with its own ‘ghost’, Miguel de Cervantes, where the illustrious Don Quijote author lived, or Christopher Columbus, are a few other options where you can learn while having fun.

Some of Valladolid’s other alternatives for fun as a family include the ‘Leyenda del Pisuerga’ tourist boat, the panoramic views from the Cathedral’s south tower, in addition to the workshops and activities organised by museums and galleries, without forgetting the theatrical and musical works for family audiences scheduled on the cultural calendar.valladolid-familiar



The dehesa offers a top setting to plan and enjoy a holiday with the whole family. Children and adults will find a large variety of possibilities for their leisure time.

Hiking, cycling or horse riding are activities that will allow to get to know the fantastic holm oak woodland where Villanueva de Cordoba is located. There are several tourism companies providing tourist services, so that visitors can get to know the dehesa, the gastronomy, the festivities and the traditions, not only from Villanueva de Cordoba, but also from the whole Los Pedroches area.

The hotels and the rural accommodation offer quality and comfort. Visitors will be able to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the dehesa of Villanueva de Cordoba, with the conveniences of their own home.



The size of Zamora and its friendly morphology invite one to stroll through its streets and enjoy its intimate spaces with the same intensity with which the Duero calls to visitors to explore its banks. Accessible, convenient, safe… delving into its cobblestone streets and plazas in the old quarter is an experience replete with art and history for all walks of life. Here, the names of age-old kingdoms and heroes resound and enliven an ideal setting for the fantasies of young and old alike: el Cid, Viriato, Doña Urraca, King Sancho…Captura de pantalla 2017-04-26 a las 12.34.48

The Duero, ever-present, with its bridges and walking paths is nature itself inside the very city. To approach it is to discover a living river where the activities of humanity harmonize with an extraordinary biodiversity. Zamora offers routes for bird-watching and wild animal observing by the river and in other green areas in and around town. The river is also the protagonist of the guided visit Paseo por el Duero, where in addition to the natural treasures along its banks, visitors can appreciate its important role in the economy of the city when the water-based industries depended on it for milling grain, irrigation and fulling wool.

The city invites one to enjoy its parks and green areas which include spacious playgrounds and games for kids with the most emblematic example being the forest of Valorio: a leisure area for many Zamorans. We must include the offers for tourists: urban, cultural and natural tours; adventures to be experienced with the family; sports facilities and fields; youth activities in museums, theatres and cultural centres which multiply in summer with the events of Verano Joven or the Jazz concerts in the plazas.

For the younger crowd, there are several events in the entertainment calendar of the year including the International Festival of Puppets and MarionettesFestival Internacional de Títeres y Marionetas celebrated in the month of May and the International Magic Fair in SeptemberFestival Internacional de Títeres y Marionetas . Captura de pantalla 2017-04-26 a las 12.34.36  And, of course, the Festival and Fair of San Pedro is the most popular yearly event for family fun with an extensive program of activities of all types for all ages including the prized Ceramics Fair and the unique Garlic Fair.

Zaragoza is an ideal place to enjoy with the whole family.


Because of the culture, the monuments, the museums, the natural and leisure parks and the people of the city, Zaragoza is a very attractive place and welcomes visitors who want to enjoy a leisure and wellness holiday with the family.

Zaragoza offers many options to get to know the city in a different way: the largest freshwater Aquarium with over 5,000 species, an Amusement Park with over 60,000 m2 of entertainment and more than 40 mechanical rides. The city also has two large green areas, the Jose Antonio Labordeta Park and the Luis Buñuel Water Park, with the possibility of practising different sports such as rafting, kayaking, horse riding, a multi-adventure circuit, golfing, or even experiencing a relaxing Spa session.

zaragoza-familiarThere are numerous educational programmes aimed at parents and children in the Archaeological Museums, the Pablo Gargallo and Pablo Serrano Museum, in Caixa Forum and tourist services like the tourist bus, the guided tours and the Bono Zaragoza Family Pass including discounts for different places especially aimed at families with children.