There are several ‘gay friendly’ destinations that cover the demanding touristic expectations of the LGTBI public (Lesbians, gays, transsexuals, bisexuals and intersexuals). Cities with no prejudges with a good and complete day and night offer, in cultural, culinary and beach terms. Beyond the festive and claim meetings, we find the Día del Orgullo Gay (Gay Pride parade), which joins thousands of people every year.



Albacete is an open and tolerant city with a heterogeneous, multicultural and diverse population, where traveler and tourist, whatever their condition, can enjoy with a variety of environments and offers of culture and leisure.


In Albacete, the group of the tourists of LGBTI, can enjoy all the possibilities offered by tourism in the city and province, (nature, hiking, culture, gastronomy, sports, adventure, shopping, conferences, nightlife) as well as its interesting and important annual events such as the September Fair, International Circus Festival, International Film Festival, Classical Theatre Festival, Carnivals, Celebrations of San Juan … knowing that some resources will be provided, city and a population, open, diverse, friendly, respectful and hospitable, where he has regardless of the sexual orientation of each person, known and knows mixed to advance and progress.


Alicante is a very tolerant and respectful city. This is shown by the wide offer of gay or gay friendly places in the city.

You will be able to enjoy the climate and a large number of possibilities, such as the beaches and coves with nautical and leisure options, the charming lodging and restaurants, as well as a large number of gay friendly bars, and local festivities and culture.

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Orgullo en BCN

The city of Barcelona is one of the main LGTBI destinations in Europe. As an open and cosmopolitan city, the leisure, cultural and entertainment options are a must for anyone wanting to enjoy the tolerance and freedom offered to visitors. From the very start of the action movement, to Eurogames, the Circuit Festival or Barcelona Pride, the city has been able to have the spirit of a European capital which is modern and tolerant with everybody.

Playa BarcelonaThe heart of the Eixample district, an area delineated by Balmes, Gran Via, Urgell and Arago streets, known as “Gayxample”, has a large number of the offerings aimed at the LGBTI community, with shops, clubs, restaurants, bars and all the more vibrant and liberal entertainment for LGBTI visitors. Hotel Axel is in this area, one of the first hotels in the country for the LGBTI community.

Outside of the Eixample area, in Poble Espanyol, there is a party every Saturday called Saturgay, with the best DJs playing electronic music. During the summer, the destination for tourists and people from Barcelona is Sitges, a coastal village just 40 km from Barcelona and connected by train. You can feel the tolerance and the pleasant coexistence within the population. There are gay bars and clubs, and beaches which are very popular amongst the gay community, such as Bassa Rodona and Home Mort, both naturists.



The people from Cordoba are very welcoming, with a mix of cultures and an open and tolerant character. The city has been able to harmonise the historical past with the present, which means that the city keeps on attracting people who want to live in Cordoba. There is a wide range of infrastructure options to welcome visitors, great quality accommodation catering for all budgets, cutting-edge restaurants and historic taverns, and, most of all, many places to visit, to meet the expectations of all visitors.

cordoba-Calle-de-la-LunaCordoba is, most of all, a city to fall in love, with different places full of history and romance, witnesses of the love and the traces left in the province by people like the poet Ibn Zaydum.

Cordoba is also an incomparable setting for the celebration of civil weddings in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, and has a wide range of restaurants, country houses, catering services, etc., to celebrate the perfect wedding.

For more information, please go to: www.turismodecordoba.org




Madrid is an open door to diversity and tolerance, as testified by the wide range of gay friendly accommodation or one of the most important celebrations, the Gay Pride Festivities, which take place every year from the end of June to the beginning of July, attracting over one million people.

madrid-gay1In the Chueca Quarter you will find fashion, gyms, LGTBI related books and many night bars displaying the rainbow flag. The area of La Latina has seen an increase in the number of gay friendly places for women, while Lavapies has also an interesting alternative gay and lesbian scene, which shows the wide range of tolerant places in a city that has become an international reference for the LGBTI community.




Malaga is an ideal destination for LGBTI tourism, with an established image of a tolerant and gay friendly city, with no prejudices and opened to all ideas and orientations.

With over 30 museums, such as the Malaga Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum or the recently opened Centre Pompidou Malaga, the city is a perfect place for breaks to combine with theatre plays, music and visiting monuments.

Food is exquisite and diverse with a great variety of offerings. Visitors from all parts of the world also enjoy the night leisure in this cosmopolitan city with many bars and terraces.

The climate of this destination is extremely attractive to be enjoyed all year round. There are also wonderful beaches and nature areas within the municipal district.



Seville is an active and dynamic city, proud of the past, living the present and prepared for the future, with a captivating personality, welcoming visitors like no other city and creating places for coexistence in a natural way.

Seville is without a doubt the city in the south of Spain with a wider diversity of atmospheres and leisure offerings specifically aimed at the LGBTI community, in a tolerant and open environment.

The main LGBTI area in Seville is Alameda de Hercules, the first European landscaped walk which was created in the 16th century and with many gay friendly bars. A meeting point for the people of Seville.

South Pride” in Seville is an event where the whole city takes part as the reference meeting in the south of Spain. Events and activities are organised during the last week of June every year, like parties, concerts and the lively parade.

sevilla-cabeceraAnother great LGBTI reference event in Seville is the Guadalkibear, an international gathering of bears which is held in different locations attracting visitors from all over the world.

And also AndalesGay, the Lesbian and Gay Cinema Festival of Andalusia which is organised every year in November.