Albacete, the old Arab Al-Basit, who was born of a fair between the plain (the basit) and the mountains, is today a comfortable, friendly, walkable and accessible city, within a privileged geographical position between the center Peninsular and the east.

In Albacete we can enjoy its routes and nature trails, (Channel Maria Cristina, Greenway of the Sierra de Alcaraz and Ruta del Quijote), its sports facilities which highlights its racing circuit, and as well as its monumental and museum heritage where stands the iconic Museum of Cutlery, in a city that has a cutler, artisan and industrial sector internationally recognized within a city commercial excellence.

Albacete is also culture, with a significant programming throughout the year and events like the International Circus Festival whose axis is the historical building of Teatro Circo declared of Cultural Interest or the International Film Festival –Abycine- in October.

But Albacete is also gastronomy with excellent restaurants that combine the tradition of products and dishes (gazpacho manchego, atascaburras, mataero garlic, bushmeat, saffron, honey and magnificent wines “Mancha”), with the newest culinary trends.

Albacete is also the province with environments, towns, routes and ponds of great value and great charm, (source of the River Mundo, Sierras de Alcaraz and Segura, Lagoons Ruidera, the Manchuela etc)

Albacete Fair declared of International Tourist Interest. From 7 to 17 September Albacete, visitors and tourists gather in a few intense days in an atmosphere of fun, friendship, tradition, culture and participation.


Albacete is a city to discover, besides kindness and hospitality of its people, you can enjoy an interesting heritage in comfortable rides for its lively streets and many green areas.

With reference to the Plaza del Altozano, with its sculpture Cutler and Local Museum, walking through the central shopping streets you can discover beautiful buildings and places like the Passage Lodares, beautiful Modernist passage, the Posada del Rosario XV, the Fontecha chalet Neoclassical style, Renaissance Gothic Cathedral, the Casa del Hortelano neoclassical style and headquarter of the Museum of Cutlery, the Cultural Center Assumption –old Convent renaissance, Palace of the council, the Circus Theatre or the modernist old Flour Factory.

Essential is you walk in the park “Jardinillos” contemplating aside the Plaza de Toros – “The flat” – and in front of the Building Exhibition with its modernist bandstand.

We should not miss the Museum of Albacete with important archaeological collection, which can be accessed through the beautiful Abelardo Sanchez Park, to continue moving up the Avenue of Spain and exit to the Botanical Garden.

Finally, essential is to download the free app and tourist town with audioguide system in 4 languages ​​(audioguía_albacete), where it has all the tourist information about the city.


Albacete, with its ideal geographical location, has been and is a very important communications hub between the center and the east, where both access by road and rail, (which highlights the AVE), is simple and comfortable, 1h. 30 from Alicante and Murcia and 2 h from Valencia and Madrid.

Also the city is perfectly connected with the rest of the Community of Castilla La Mancha, with its province and its charming villages and natural environments as Chinchilla, Alcalá del Júcar, Riopar, Alcaraz, Ayna, etc.

Albacete has an airport -The Llanos that although currently has no regular flights is operating seasonal flights to charter and private flights.

In addition, Albacete is a city in which to move on foot easy and pleasant, complemented by a growing infrastructure of bike lanes and public bike rental service, along with a efficient bus routes, and excellent degree of accessibility for people with disabilities, inviting citizens, tourists and visitors to leave their private vehicles in the numerous car parks of the city.


Albacete has several options of leisure adapted to the liking of visitors and tourists. Its important network of natural ways that starting from the same city for Maria Cristina Canal can be linked, on foot or by bicycle, with Alcaraz Greenway and Don Quixote´s Route, as well as landscapes and its rich natural environments as the Júcar river bank or Cañada Real in Pozo Rubio.

In addition to this nature tourism, in the city, you can have at your disposal numerous sports facilities, municipal and private (outdoor and indoor pools, spa, paddle tennis, tennis, speed circuit, soccer fields, sports courts and Golf course “Las Pinaillas” very close to the city.

Furthermore Albacete offers a wide cultural program throughout the year, as well as public programming through the agency “Cultural Albacete” with its emblematic Circus Theatre, as the numerous activities organized by other entities or groups (concerts, exhibitions, conferences …) that complement perfectly its 4 museums.

Gastronomy and leisure are a cornerstone in Albacete, where stand out the Tapas Route in October, the Route of the pots in February and the Routes of mini sandwiches in May, that, together with the Carnivals, Holy Week, the Holiday of San Juan, the International Circus Festival, the International Film Festival “Abycine” and the Fair in September form a rich and diverse annual calendar.


Gastronomy is a fundamental resource for Albacete´s tourism, a place where coexist the traditional cuisine with the innovation in excellent restaurants, bars and taverns, all this based on the high quality of La Mancha products, internationally recognized, such as cheese, lamb meat, partridge, rabbit, honey, gazpacho cake, saffron (gold manchego), nuts, almonds, and trout, together with excellent wines of that great vineyard that is La Mancha, and horticultural products, where day by day, the organic farming stands out both in the city and its province.

The traveler and the tourist in Albacete can taste the famous “gazpachos manchegos”, and out-standing dishes related to “the pig slaughter” and “the cold” as they are, the “mataero garlic”, “pot of village”, “ruleras crumbs”, “atascaburras”, “porridge shepherd”, as well as all pork products, but also fresh and tasty dishes like “ratatouille manchego”, the “mojete” the asadillos with tomato and peppers, rice with rabbit and snails.

Finally, the visitor must not forget his desserts and sweets that both in the city and in his peoples are great and varied, sweet rolls, small leaves with honey, nuts, rolletes of frying pan and the delicious and famous Miguelitos de la Roda whose puff-pastry and custard have crossed borders. Any epoch of the year is advisable to enjoy these delicacies, but it is not necessary to lose the days of the lid in October and that of the stews in February.

Finally, the visitor should not forget their desserts and sweets that both in the city and its villages are many and varied, “panecillos dulces”, “hojuelas con miel”, nuts, “rolletes de sarten” and the delicious and famous “Miguelitos from La Roda” whose puff pastry and custard cream have crossed borders.

Any time of year is good to enjoy these delicacies, but do not miss the Routes of Tapas in October, the Routes of the pots in February.


Albacete is a city of business excellence, with a magnificent and varied retail trade, focus of attraction both of its province and bordering, organized as Open Shopping Centers that develop numerous activities throughout the year, as the Magic Night, Trade Routes, Black Friday, where there are combined shopping, promotions, gastronomy and entertainment.

You cannot leave without walking through the central shopping streets: Tinte, Mayor, Zapateros, Concepción, Rosario …, combining shopping with tapas and meals in taverns and bars, the tourist cannot leave without knowing their craft, and in a very special way, its cutlery craft, visiting the Cutlery Museum and buying a razor or similar products whose qualities are internationally recognized. In the best restaurants of the world you can find the Cutlery of Albacete.

And don´t forget, that if you buy a razor to make a gift, the person who receives it must deliver a coin, whatever its value, in order that, according to the tradition in Albacete, the friendship doesn´t break.


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