In Castellón everything is nearby. The pleasant orange smell fills the streets of the city. And vegetable gardens are found in the immediate vicinity.

The city, capital of the Plana Alta, still preserves a peaceful and gentle nature which is typical from industrious places.

In this capital city, which has more than 170.000 inhabitants, we can distinguish three main parts: the central historical city core, the new modern neighbourhoods, and near the sea, there it is “el Grao” or the maritime area.

The climate is generally excellent which is always an advantage. In the heart of downtown, cultural and commercial life - which is completely mediterranean- allows us to perceive a cheerful and vibrant city. The historic centre, where it can still be appreciated the ancient Roman camp pattern, is also the place to find the most significant city landmarks. This primitive core was born on the foundations of the former Arabic farmhouses after the foundation populating letter given by Jaume I in the XVIII century. In the suburban districts, cultural and sports facilities have been created. And, in navigating between the most primitive city core and the sea, we can find the “Grao” district, the heart of nautic-related activities and also a significant focus for gastronomy and city entertainment.

Visiting Castelló de la Plana, is more than just touring the urban ensemble. It implies relishing a great variety of appeals: the sea, market-gardens, monuments, culture, mountains, festivals, etc.



A quiet and relaxed walk in the city, and also by its surroundings, is the best way to meet its charms. Places, such as Castelló de la Plana, that share the particularity of having small dimensions, offer the traveller the advantage of clearly exploring its territory. And for that reason, there is nothing better than walking through its streets.

The city counts on a wide network of bicycle lanes which facilitate moving around the city. Either with your own bicycle or by means of the bike rental service offered in Castellón, you can enjoy a delightful walk on streets and avenues until you reach the seaside. Jut out in the Mediterranean in an accessible and sustainable way, by means of using public transport.

Driving with your vehicle, is another of the options that the city offers, thanks to its public car parks and available parking areas.


Our city offers a gastronomic proposal which is also representative of our mediterranean culture as well as our Valencian cuisine. The countless combinations of rice dishes with ingredients from the garden or the mountain; fish and fresh seafood or any kind of vegetable and fruits, shape the bulk of our gastronomic world.

Castellón-grown oranges and tangerines are one of the biggest culinary appeals of the city due to its quality, flavour and smell. This is a unique fruit full of properties and vitamins that you will be able to purchase right after being collected from trees in the Mercat de la Taronja (Orange Market). This has become a must see for those who want to enjoy Castellón the most.

All this raw material that has our land, is reflected in the several Gastronomic Days that are held in Castellón over the year. Restaurants along the municipal area are involved to create potent recipes with fish, meat and seasonal vegetables. The “Arroz a banda” (a dish of rice cooked in fish stock, typical of the coastal area of Valencia), anchovy, orange or “suquet de peix” (fish stew), are some of the main dishes that are always on our dinner table.

During your visit, you cannot miss the opportunity to try a “Carajillo”: a combined coffee that you will only be able to sip here in its most authentic way.

If you don’t want to miss anything, you can check:


10 Castellón essentials that you cannot miss during your visit:


Paying a visit to Castellón de la Plana, is not only about enjoying its cuisine, beaches or natural landscapes.

The city offers the visitors a broad cultural catalog which is suitable for all audiences. Museums, theatres or street performances, respecting all security measures, make Castellón a cultural and touristic experience, not only for visitors but also for those who live here.

Also, during your stay in our city, you can enjoy a wide catalog of guided tours and dramatised touring visits that are offered for free, so everybody can get to know more about our culture, our roots and our people.

The Ceramics, tilling legacy or the figure of Na Violant, are main actors of Castellón de la plana history.

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The city of Castellón has three beaches whose approximate extension is 4 km along the mediterranean littoral.

The quality of its waters, its excellent facilities, wonderful services and its proximity to the center of Castellón, make us perceive them as three well connected paradises with easy access. Nowadays, the beaches of Pinar and Gurugú rely on the official recognition of the Blue Flag. And Serradal's beach, with its dune protection and micro flora reserve, site hosting the Chorlitejo Patinegro natural habitat, becomes a breathtaking natural landscape right beside the beach.

Our Mediterranean climate allows us to enjoy the beaches no matter the season. Thus, several activities are scheduled in such locations over the year. Thanks to the extensive sandy area, our beaches become a place to enjoy, without turning into a mass tourism and uncomfortable site.


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