An oasis. That is the essence of Elche. By the Mediterranean, a place to lose yourself. And to find yourself. Offering everything you might need to completely disconnect. And all that is necessary to indulge your senses to the full.

There are so many attractions, that it is difficult to know where to begin. The Palmeral or Palm Groves. That would be an ideal place to start out. World Heritage Site since the year 2000, there are more than 200,000 palm trees which embrace the daily lives of theIlicitanos (people from Elche). And the lives of those who visit us.

Or in the vibrant countryside (el Camp d’Elx) which lovingly wraps itself around the city and provides exquisite, healthy agricultural produce. Or along the nine kilometres of almost virgin beaches of our coastline. Or with our shopping experience, which has become a real festival of prices and quality, with footwear featuring as the star product. Or with an active visit to our nature reserves, beaches or wetlands.

With the footprints of the Moors, such as the Arab Baths and La Calahorra Tower. With examples of Gothic-Renaissance architecture, such as the Town Hall and of the Baroque, such as the Basilica of Santa María and the Altamira Palace. Also known as the Alcàsser de la Senyoria, it transcends time leading us from the Islamic period to the bourgeois influence of the eighteenth century.

Both our exciting past and our present are reflected in our museums, such as the MAHE (the Archaeological and Historical Museum of Elche), La Festa Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Virgin Museum, the Paleontological Museum and the Palm Grove Museum. On the outskirts of the city two real wonders are to be found: the archaeological site of La Alcudia and the Pusol School Museum, included in the UNESCO Register of best safeguarding practices in 2009.

And, of course, the Misteri, or Festa d’Elx, a medieval mystery play and the first Spanish festival to be declared, in 2001, an outstanding example of Oral and Intangible World Heritage. And the Dama or Lady of Elche, our world ambassadress, one of the most exquisite and well-known pieces of Iberian art, and whose true home is La Alcudia where she was discovered, although the bust is displayed in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.

All this is accompanied by a excellent range of hotels, with establishments by the sea or in midst of the palm groves and by a sumptuous gastronomic offering, and the possession of a Michelin star.

We have everything to meet your every need.

Get away! Elche is waiting for you.

For more information visit: www.visitelche.com and www.experienciasenelche.com


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