Figueres is the epicentre of the Alt Empordà region; a well-connected service-oriented town, it is 15 km from the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Pyrenees and surrounded by three nature parks.

Two of its main attractions are its culture and heritage: it has four museums, which includes one of the most visited in Spain, the Dalí Theatre-Museum; as well as the largest fort in Europe, the Sant Ferran Castle. Throughout the year, the town hosts various festivals and fairs for all tastes and interests.

The pedestrian streets of the old district comprise an open-air shopping centre; here visitors can find everything they may need in the local shops as well as international high street brands. In the centre you will also find various squares with busy bar and restaurant terraces with great ambience.

In fact, you will be fascinated by the gastronomic offer; a mixture of tradition and creativity, sea and mountain ingredients, and good wine from the Empordà D.O.

Figueres awaits you!


One of the most emblematic urban areas of Figueres is the Rambla boulevard; an essential part of the town. Throughout the year it becomes the privileged setting for fairs, festivals, and cultural events. A large open-air shopping area surrounds it, leading to the historic centre; ideal for strolling around and discovering its plazas, the old Saint Peter’s Church and the town’s Modernist heritage, among others.

The Dalí Theatre-Museum is the main attraction for thousands of visitors to Figueres. Following the artist’s express wishes, this was built on the remains of the old Municipal Theatre in his hometown and was conceived and designed by Salvador Dalí himself to offer visitors the chance to enter his captivating and unique surrealist world.

Another must-see visit is to the San Fernando Castle that, due to its vast surface area (32 ha) and its extensive perimeter (3120 m), is the largest modern fort (18th century) in Europe. Its sophisticated building techniques applied to the military engineering of the age and the privileged views of Figueres and the Ampurdan plain will not disappoint.

The town also has other museums, such as the Empordà Museum, which offers a journey through the history of Catalan and Ampurdan art over the last two centuries, together with temporary contemporary art and culture exhibitions; or the extremely unusual Toy Museum of Catalonia, which exhibits toys and games from all over the world to play and learn through play, to have unique experiences, to dream and keep one’s imagination alive.


The privileged geographical location of Figueres has always made the town a crossroads and thoroughfare for travellers from all over the world.

The arrival of the AVE high-speed train shortened distances with national and international destinations: we are 55 min from Barcelona, 3.5 h from Madrid or Marseilles, and 5.3 h from Paris.

The AVE station is connected to the town centre and the bus station, which connects to other destinations in the region, by a shuttle service that is coordinated with the train arrival and departure times.

Regarding mobility in the town, there are several urban bus routes as well as a taxi fleet. Nevertheless, Figueres is a town to discover by strolling around, particularly its historic and pedestrianised commercial centre, to discover its nooks and crannies and enjoy its lively atmosphere.


Beyond its tangible heritage of monuments, museums, and historic buildings, Figueres has an extremely varied cultural offer with festivals and events held throughout the year.

Laughter is on the menu at Easter with the Comedy Festival, which fills the theatres and plazas in Figueres with laughter and good humour.

You cannot miss the Santa Cruz festival, at the beginning of May, which livens up the town throughout the week with its many local and artisan produce fairs, as well as its open-air shows and concerts, floral competitions and guided tours.

As summer begins, the Es Mou Figueres dance festival arrives; at dusk, small groups of dancers perform their acts in many parts of the town.

In Figueres, we bid farewell to the summer season with the Acoustic Festival, which fills the largest areas in the historic centre with concerts for all tastes, for young and old, and from the afternoon until the early hours.


Figueres represents the sea and the mountain because of its geographical location, but also because of its cuisine. It offers a culinary tradition from many centuries united with the creativity and experimentation of haute cuisine, with gastronomic references such as the Duran Hotel, the Empordà Hotel or El Bulli.

Discover the local produce, whether from the open-air municipal market, specialist businesses or the restaurants. Highlights include the Empordà D.O. oil and wine, to add flavour and combine with any of the typical dishes you may taste.

Among the typical products of the town and the Empordà region, you will find the “butifarra dulce”, a sweet sausage with a special and unique flavour, or “flaons”, a dessert made from confectioner’s custard to sweeten your stay. And many others!


Follow one of the themed routes through Figueres to discover the history and secrets of some of its most emblematic corners and most famous people from the town.

The historic heritage route will take you through the main squares in the centre to reveal their history, the secrets of the noble buildings, and the uses and customs experienced in them throughout the centuries.

You can also follow the route of Dalí’s biography through the town: the house where he was born, where he lived as a young man and painted many of his first works, the Toy Museum that houses his favourite toy, and many more anecdotes.

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