Welcome to Murcia The city of sun, light and ideal temperature, the city of eternal spring. A place of history and future, where the landscape draws on the horizon a village of cultures that has witnessed the most prodigious historical events. Murcia is a municipality that ranks as the seventh most populous in Spain, which offers numerous tourist opportunities due to the great historical and cultural heritage that is enriched by the concurrence of Arab, Jewish and Christian culture matured around the Segura River, origin of Murcia , and that gives life today.

A river that vertebrates the city and supplies generations of Murcia who have developed their lives and their trade in the garden. Vergel privileged by which, thanks to the ingenuity of Miguel de Unamuno, Murcia is known as "the most huertana city or the most urban garden". As a result, it is the wide gastronomic offer based on high quality products such as our fruits, vegetables and vegetables grown here and cooked with true mastery and on many occasions, exported to the rest of the world.

The poet Jorge Guillén defined Murcia as "the only place in the world where you can breathe the light" and that is that the weather accompanies us. The sun shines more than three hundred days a year and that invites to develop life on the street, in the squares and public places where there is also a perfect communion with the cultural offer that develops where art, music and creativity are the protagonists We have a large young population, in which Murcian talent emerges, and to whom we offer important professional opportunities that guarantee the future.

Murcia, designed as a 'smartcity' is conceived as a city of the 21st century that has projected on the future important strategic developments that glimpse a completely transformed municipality, where the generation of opportunities and tourist possibilities make their way with the impulse of the Murcia.

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