Loja, your meeting point in Andalucía.

At the western extreme of the province of Granada is the area known as the Poniente Granadino, the last frontier of al-Andalus, and a key part of the final conquest by the Catholic Monarchs.

Apart from its unique situation, next to dual carriageway A-92, Loja contains a rich monumental heritage which is why it has been declared a Site of Historical and Artistic Interest. Loja is an excellent hub to visit Andalucía.

Set in the narrow valley formed by the Genil river as it passes through the Sierra de Loja and the Monte Hacho. Loja has seen its environmental heritage has become one its greatest tourist resources.

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Its origins are often diluted between reality and legend: the febrile imagination of Fray Juan Seco located his remote foundation after the biblical flood, when Túbal, a direct descendant of Noah, named it in the same way as his favorite daughter Alfeia.

However, beyond myth and fiction, today we know that the occupation of the territory of Loja is documented since Paleolithic times. From then until today it has not stopped being an enclave of population desired by the Iberian peoples, by imperial Rome, by the first barbarians, by the Muslims … and so on until today.

To its exceptional situation, in the Andalusian geographical center, Loja adds a rich monumental heritage for which it has been declared an Artistic Historic Site. Its jewels include superb buildings such as La Alcazaba and the Iglesia Encarnación, archaeological sites such as the Sierra Martilla dolmens and museums such as the Municipal Historic Museum of La Alcazaba and the Historic Interpretation Center of Loja.

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A city full of fountains. In any street or plaza, the water gushes out to quench the thirst of the inhabitants of Loja and from whom we visit. Fountains that have withstand the passing of time and people, who have undergone changes, including transfer and abandonment. While you go through this glass labyrinth, we propose you to explore the city and to feel the sounds and the freshness of all the fountains that you will find on it. You will enjoy a pleasant walk and you will also know in depth Loja.

The abundance of this element of the nature in this precise geographical point and its history, has named Loja as the “City of Water”.

Special role in its environment takes water that seeps into the limestone Sierra de

Loja, making numerous springs and more than 100 sources in the municipality that

make up the Ruta del Agua. In his undoubted environmental value must unite their

suitability as a venue for all kinds of active tourism activities, from hiking and

climbing to fishing and free flight, activity in which latter Loja is an international


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The tapas are practiced in every neighborhood. The alternative can taste the local cuisine accompanied each drink. Yearly, takes places the famous “Tapa Sampling Route”, in which each participating establishment show a continuity of gastronomic samples specially designed for the event.


Loja has quality products and among them are the lamb of the Sierra de Loja (with its own name), cold meats, green asparagus, ham, olive oil and delicious water flowing from numerous sources and lojeños births.

Any visit is more enjoyable if we care to pamper our senses and the palate, Loja offers exquisite cuisine based on organic products and quality certificate, plus deli.

They support its prestige several awards including the award for Best World Caviar 2005 Caviar Riofrio granted; Binge Eating Pizza Parlor Pizza Award for Best World 2003 and Best Tipical Andalusian Dessert for the “Rosco de Loja” in 2018.


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